Big, small, aluminum, steel, plastic; Rudnicki Industrial is equipped to handle all sorts of parts and components, and work with a variety of materials. We work with any industry, including mining, forestry, cinematography, and aerospace systems. Our combination of precision CNC machines and years of experience and innovation allows us to solve virtually any problem and make results a reality.

Rudnicki Industrial also has access to 3D printing technologies, printing objects up to 6x6x6 inches in-house, and working with our partners to print even larger objects. Additionally, we work with a local finishing business to provide tumbling, sandblasting, powder coating, and DiamonDyze™ services to our clients.

We are equipped with a 5×10 PlasmaCAM table and accompanying software, with both plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting torches. Our plasma machine can cut up to 3/4″ thick steel & 5/8″ thick aluminum, while our oxy-acetylene torch can cut steel up to 3″ thick. We stock various steel plate thicknesses, and can have any thickness (both aluminum and steel) delivered directly to us by our suppliers within a few days.


A total of 7 CNC machines, including 3 and 4-axis milling machines, and two turning centers, allow us to produce almost any part in plastic or metal. We handle any size of volume production needs, from a set of 10 to a run of 1500. All of our machines utilize high speed tooling, providing shorter cycle times and better part finishes.

Repair & Fabrication, Welding

Since 1988, Rudnicki Industrial has been fabricating miscellaneous parts for sawmills and mining companies, repairing frames on trailers, and making custom adjustments to pre-existing parts. With over 25 years of experience, we can find a cost-effective solution to almost any problem.

Product Design

Rudnicki Industrial uses SolidWorks 3D CAD software to design, test and examine parts before they ever have to hit the shop floor. We have the SolidWorks Premium software package, which includes SolidWorks Simulation for advanced stress testing and analysis. Our team of designers, including one Certified SolidWorks Expert, have been trained to use the the software quickly and efficiently. We produce ready-to-manufacture parts and components with fast turnaround times.